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Equine Iridology services and herbal advice in the United Kingdom.

Equine Herbs

Below, in the horse herb shop, is information relating to some of the most popular herbs. However, we do provide a full range of herbs, all of which are of human quality, so please contact us with your requirements if the herbs you are looking for are not displayed in the herb shop below.

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Nettle is a rich source of iron and vitamin C, both of which actively promote an efficient circulatory system. An effective circulatory system is vital for the cleansing of the body, removal of waste products, expulsion of toxins and nutrient support of the muscles and bones. Nettle also contains sodium, chlorophyll, protein and dietary fibre. It is ideal for use as a spring tonic and general blood cleanser. It is a good conditioner and encourages ‘dappling' on a horse's coat. It acts as an astringent and helps support the lymphatic system. Nettle also contains manganese, potassium, sulphur and vitamin A. A wash can be made from nettle that can be used as a rinse for manes and tails.
Buy nettle for horses from our online herb shop. Make the most of our maximum £6 delivery charge and click on the rosette at the top of the page to visit our Showing Solutions Shop.
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